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Motivational Monday: Advice From My Future Self 10 Years From Now

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Advice From My Future Self 10 Years From Now | Advice About Life

Ggbagaaaam! 😀  I hear my 35-year-old self, speaking to me now clearly about life and saying, Maxwell, make sure you live your dreams. I love to travel, to go see places, to eat; yeah, varieties of meals, cuisines and dishes, as long as they taste good, and I love to see movies.

Have you had your local dish like moi-moi prepared by a different ethnic group than yours, like the Calabar people? It brings pure joy.

“Advice about life” is what my 35-year-old self was talking to me about life. He says to me, brother, you are still young, live full now when you still can, when the blood still dey hot. Travel to the North, visit Sokoto Caliphate, and go to as many cities I can go to, visit all over Africa and several other continents. So far, I’ve been around the country; Lagos, Abuja, Nassarawa, Kogi, Ondo, Delta, Oyo, Anambra, Cross-River, Rivers, Benue, Imo, Enugu, Owerri and Abia where my home town is, and still counting. I should love plenty, love all over again. I have been heartbroken twice (too much count for a guy), but yes, I will still keep loving till it hurts. Live full, live true. You can listen to your future self and add to the list, however, here are some priceless advice about life and advice about relationship from around the world from young people like you and me.

BECOME YOU – BE ANYTHING YOU WANT:  Advice From My 33 Year Old Self to My 23 Year Old Self
Johnny 4ward
In Johnny’s voice “Create and enjoy your freedom, be young, stay up late, and get up early, smile at people you don’t know, compliment strangers, be social, say yes even when it may get a little awkward, get stupid hairstyles, wear too many bracelets, get a few tattoos that you’ll probably regret. Get drunk, buy a backpack, travel as much as you can, travel alone, travel with friends, travel with strangers, hook up with travelers, hook up with locals, experiment with everything, burn the candle at both ends, sleep when you’re dead, stay in hostels, don’t worry about a career just yet, there’s plenty of time for that…” read more by clicking on the picture above.

FORGIVE YOURSELF, FRIENDS & FAMILY: 50 Things My Future Self Wants Me To Know

Some noteworthy advices about relationship as Shannon Kaiser shouted it loud here:

is 1. Forgive yourself. 2. Experience is the best way to learn. 3. Believe in what you can’t see… 7. Don’t judge people by how they look. Focus on how they make you feel… 11. Smile at strangers. 12. Don’t play games especially with yourself. 13. Don’t ever let anyone tell you what is best for you. 28. Forgive your friends turned into foes. 35. Your mom and dad love you. Stop blaming your parents. 50. Everything is going to be all right.

FIND PURPOSE: A Letter From My Future Self

My brother and sister, are you struggling a bit with your purpose, this advice about life is for you;

John Stepper in his clear and endearing words says to Write Down your vision and Make your Dreams/Goals clear, and also work towards it with every emotion and resources you’ve got. “If I do pursue my vision now, I will be increasingly happy and…” Concluding he adds “…Destiny isn’t something that awaits you. It’s something you create.”


If your future self doesn’t advise you about money and creating wealth, then that future self is not you, na your village people be that. LOL! Well, you should have a mental switch to thinking investment, and entrepreneurship, if you want to be wealthy. Don’t only keep or depend on savings, put your money in stocks, bonds and legit business ventures. David Gaynes future self says it all to himself “1. Stop thinking about stocks like gambling.  2. You won’t beat the market over a lifetime of investing and the harder you try, the worse your results may be. 3. Nobody will care that you didn’t get it that Sometimes our biggest setbacks end up being a catalyst for our greatest leaps forward.  4. That thing you desperately want to buy right now won’t transform your life like you think it will. 5. You have one shot at being a good custodian of your wealth.”

CAREER IS PART OF LIFE, NOT LIFE ITSELF: Career Advice From Your Future Self


Adding the final scoop to the ice-cone is a career advice from my future self. However, my future self was also careful to mention that I should seriously invest alongside saving if I must retire comfortably well in a career just as Asit Sharma is kind to categorically state it “Saving is wonderful. But salting away is better. As many personal-finance gurus will attest, it’s sensible to allocate part of each paycheck to savings. Everyone needs some emergency funds. But over time, the rates you obtain on savings aren’t likely to match the rate of inflation… It’s better to “salt away” money — i.e., invest it on a regular basis. The idiom “salt away” comes from the practice, since ancient times, of salting meats and other perishables to preserve them.” And one surprising my future ripe old self this time says “…at the age of 67, you relayed to me that you went back to school.”

Don’t you want to give it a try, be calm and allow your future-self speak to you, a pen and paper might come in handy or your tablet or note app. Share this now; sharing is loving, or leave a comment if you tried it or will try it. Give yourself the best advice about life and advice about your relationships.

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