7 Lies The Media Likes To Tell You About Men | Seven Lies About Men

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7 Lies About Men

Lies about men

Men love ladies that push them to take risk.

Tweet: Men love ladies that push them to take risk.

Listen up ladies: We know you’re keeping secrets from us. And even though you think you’ve got men all figured out, we’re hiding a few things ourselves. Fair enough right?

However, we are quite sad that the media has told the world so much man lies about us, not their fault, but that is unfortunately how the society has conditioned, placing we both in stereotypical gender containers and cubicles. Read on and learn some truths about your man.

#1 Lies About Men: Men Flatter To Win Favours

Not every compliment is a flatter. Sometimes men praise you because they mean it. Society’s norm has though made it difficult to differentiate.

However, it is good to be able to tell the difference between a well-meaning praise and false praise which is often flattery.

Simran Khurana says “The difference lies in the intent of the words. You can praise someone for their actions, or the lack of it, while flattery can be vague, undefined, and even false…” read on here 

In all, the truth remains that men still flatter just to make their woman feel good about themselves and nothing more.

#2 Lies About Men: Men Love To Be Bread Winners:

What most men want, is a woman who can provide for the house without them asking her to.

This is true. Most men don’t like sitting-ducks as wives or partners, they honestly would like it if the woman sometimes, or often times would provide for the house without them asking her to do or without them looking into it financially. Take for instance, when there are extra expenses or household repair works, or utilities that go beyond the regular budget or money that he brings into the house, most men would want her to foot such bills without even getting him involved. Probably she should handle it, and then later inform him about it. Or maybe there’s a night outing, and she decides to help out with some of or all of the bill.

It is more of a human feeling than a “guys” thing. Both male and female do not particularly “love” or get “excited” about being bread winners. Belinda Luscombe from Time.com says “The message here seems to be that it really gets humans down when they have some sort of expectation imposed on them because of which gender they are.” Read more here

#3 Lies About Men: Men Love Thinking

No, men love action to thinking.

Ever heard of “actions speaks louder than words”, I bet you have. Men have a strong affinity to act and be proactive towards situations that affects or bothers them, rather than sit all day thinking about it. They are also naturally quicker decision makers than their women counterparts hence they love to act rather than tossing it around their head over and over again.

#4 Lies About Men: Men Love to “Always” Be In Charge:

Not really. Men love ladies who are in charge but he is forced to take control of things when a lady shows she’s not competent or given towards being in charge of the situation.

That is right. It is a sheer source of motivation when a man knows his woman is in charge of things and even the relationship, or at least some aspects of it. Have you heard that men would love it if women actually text-back at least 20% of the times or placed the calls themselves at least 10% as much as he himself does it in a relationship, this goes to show how much men crave it that the woman in their lives take charge also. It encourages the man.

#5 Lies About Men: Men Love To Take Ladies Out

Every man who hasn’t been taken out by a lady before silently yearns for it deeply within himself.

Many a men love to be taken out by a woman. Getting her to foot all of the bills is sometimes a dream come true. Believe it or not it is also a “human” based phenomenon. Because the society has unfortunately imposed some certain undue expectations based on your gender, that is how the expectation that the man so much loves to take ladies out came about. But it is a no, men also like to be taken out and have resources lavished upon them.

#6 Lies About Men: Men Love Modest Women

Not true. Men love wild women. Not the ones who run around wild or something but the ones who know a lot about sex and is to a degree, experienced in life.

You must have learnt about this one, or heard about it somewhere else. “Why men love bitches?” is also a very natural reality. Both men and women love sex, however they each love sex differently. And because sexuality is part of life experiences, men always love women that have little or more experience about life than the ones that do not have at all or seem not to be interested in learning it whatsoever. Also, when a woman is just too modest and unlearning in life experiences it becomes a turn-off, because it would seem like she has something to hide.

#7 Lies About Men: Men Love Women That Fear For Them

No. Men love women that push them to take risk. They love a woman who believes he can achieve it if he goes for it.

The drive to greater achievement is rewarded with taking calculated risks. Taking risks generally brings that sense of being alive for a man in his endeavor, but goes with a lot of motivation and personal perseverance. Sometimes a man would feel low, other times he might seem uncertain about a venture, in times like this, what a man needs is a woman who believes in him to achieve his goals if he takes the risk and goes for it, not a woman that will breed fears and hold him back.

The stage is yours, think critically about this and if you are honest you will notice that there’s a whole lot of negative info and things about men out there in the media.

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